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Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification

Subject: Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:34:44 -0800 (PST)
Cary: Has CVAR told you that we won't accept your TR7/8? If so, this
is news to me. I thought we would love to have historic cars. Yes, we
do have "cheater" Group 1 cars. As Larry and Bob have said, we are
slowly weeding them out. At TWS cheater Group 1 cars become VERY
obvious. The long straight allows them to do things that a vintage car
never could have done. But, theres always that first corner at the end
that separates the men from the boys or the agile cars from the boat
anchors. I've passed many a Group 1 car in a S7 or Spitwad in turn 1
after they passed me in a fury of noise and waste of dead dinosaurs
down the straight. Also, if I remember correctly, the Group 44 TR8's
cleaned many a Group 1 cars clock in their day. The next point is that
the race is at Hallet...not a high horsepower track. The 90 degree
turn at the end of the front straight does not lend itself to big
sloppy iron, and as if that weren't enough, the next straight ends in
a downhill hairpin. It's fun to watch stupid people visit the grass
there. Remember...there is a replacement for displacement.

Thanks - Ed  

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