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Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification

Subject: Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 12:11:14 EST
In a message dated 12/2/05 3:48:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< While making this trip you will be looking at a stand of trees protected 
by a tire wall. >>

This reminds me of my next to the last race of this season.  While taking the 
famous left hand Oak Tree Bend at Nelson Ledges, I suddenly went straight off 
into the grass and about 40 yards down over the hill into a tire wall.  This 
young corner worker Ms. told me that she was freezing to death until she saw 
me coming down the hill at her.  Now she feels perfectly warm and comfortable.

Looking at the right front tire, I noticed that there was a bunch of rubber 
rolled from the inside out.  The suspension let loose from the frame, turned 
the right front wheel out, and sent me flying.  

Along with putting the suspension back on the frame, a few parts were bent.  
Fortunately, I had these parts on hand and made the last race of the season 
two weeks later.  Now the left rear of the car is smashed up.  Maybe the car is 
about ready to meet its Waterloo after 41 years.

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