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Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification

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Subject: Re: Hallett Shootout - Car Classification
From: "BOB KRAMER" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 18:32:57 -0600
I certainly understand your position on this. I would like for any and all
Triumphs to be allowed for our special event. Truth is, CVAR is a more
traditional vintage club, run by and for the members and it is all about the
vintage racing experience.  We do not have big annual sponsored event like
SVRA and HSR so we are not used to having to accept later spec cars to fill
the grids. We are happy to get our 125 cars in 7 race groups, provide lots of
track time and we work hard to keep the driving consistent with the vintage
spirit. OTOH, CVAR is somewhat more liberal than some clubs by running 1972
SCCA rules. We have had other national gatherings, Formula Jr's, Mustangs and
Allards come to mind, but they didn't have any cars that were totally out of
the year range like the wedges. Out of spec, yes. We'll get those types in our
event (Weber'd TR4's) without a problem.

Having said that, the verdict is not in on whether CVAR will allow TR7/8's to
participate. Based on my conversations with the Club President I felt that we
would be allowed a one weekend exemption, but he always ended his statements
with a caveat that we would need to get clearance from the classification
guru. Well, via email he didn't think it was a good idea. We haven't talked
face to face. When we started talking about using Hallet a few years ago our
race groups were not a full as they are now. We also didn't have the large
RMVR attendance at those event that we now get. I think there may be even more
RMVR people in the future if their loss of tracks is true.  He is worried
about too many participants. Some people seem to think that later spec cars
will be driven to a later SCCA spec style. He worries about that too, but the
big thing is that the car just doesn't fit the "vintage" time frame.

Lastly, I may be able to push the fact that it wouldn't be a big problem,
maybe 1 or 2 cars. AS of now, you are the only Wedge asking to come. As a last
resort, I may ask for full participation on practice days and just the 2
Triumph events on the weekend. I will let everyone know how it goes ASAP.


Bob Kramer

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