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Re: four cyl diesel

Subject: Re: four cyl diesel
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 17:12:16 EST
I was instrumental in getting a couple of hundred motorhomes on the road with 
the 5.9L  Cummins Diesel as I thought that diesel should be the real future 
of motorhomes, that tend to get bigger and heavier and is a tow vehicle for 
heavy toys.  This was in the 80s. I think I see a marked trend toward diesel 
power, but at some point there just isnt any choice. Size matters.  

One thing that I think I learned about the diesel engine business is that is 
extremely competitive.  I dont really know what is out there today in the 
market, but I suspect it might be tough & high risk sell, if they arent out 
now.     ad nauseum.

Joe (A)

> I was thinking of our TR tractor motors and one thing led to another.  So, 
> why doen't Cummins take their prooven 5.9L diesel take two cylinders off and 
> make it a 4 cyl 2L motor?  Give it all the fancy electronics, best 
> turbocharger and fuel mangement software and get 250hp and 300ftlb of torque 
>and place 
> it in a light weight PU truck or sedan?  I bet a light weight vehicle with 
> this could be very peppy with good mileage.
> I know emissions are always a factor.. but, with all the know how we have 
> today -this is duable.
>   Why is it that we don't have a good reliable domestic 4 cyl diesel? 
> Mordy

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