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Subject: Re: tranny's
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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 20:37:17 -0800
I think you've hit it Bill.  I forget sometimes that this is what we did, all
day, every day, and all day and all night long.  Figure out how to be faster
and faster and faster. That was the job.

I get caught up in the"olden" days and so forget that you need to learn the
track now, not stop for a plug check and a anti-roll bar adjustment for turn
7.  It's different.  We had a lot of fun , but I think you fella's have a
better time of it, win or lose, where in my day it was, "Did you win?"

So I guess, just go along and have a good time with what seems to work for

I accept the hard hammer to the head on this bit.

Never Be beaten by Equipment
Kas Kastner

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