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Re: tranny's

To: Henry Frye <>
Subject: Re: tranny's
From: Larry Young <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 17:53:53 -0600
Here are the ratios we're talking about:

Standard        3.14    2.01    1.32    1.00
Close   2.19    1.57    1.23    1.00
Std/OD  2.57    1.65    1.08    0.82
Close/OD        1.80    1.29    1.01    0.82

It's clear from these numbers that with close ratios, the overdrive is 
not as useful for splitting gears. However, what's missing from this 
discussion is rear end ratios.  If you run an overdrive, you should 
probably run a higher gear in the rearend. For example, a 4.55 in 4th 
overdrive is 3.73, almost the same as a 3.70 in 4th with no overdrive.

Henry Frye wrote:

>Has someone looked at the math using the commonly available close ratio
>gearset with an OD? I know 3-OD is taller than 4th, so you would never use
>that accelerating up a straight. Where does 2-OD fall in relation to 3rd?
>Probably pretty darn close, again making it not something you would use for
>faster straight line acceleration.

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