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Re: tranny's

To: Friends <>
Subject: Re: tranny's
From: Chuck Arnold <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 08:06:10 -0800
where does one get close ratio gear set, and what does itchange from stock?
Lower ratios/hugher speeds in1-3rd?  I plan to use a J-type OD, but  only
when I run out of RPM in 4th [which I will do both at Portland and Seattle
tracks].  With J type [3rd and 4th only] I think the ideal would be lower
ratios in 1st and 2nd, a higher ratio in 3rd so would be right on the band
in second, 3rd, 3rd OD, 4th, 4th OD.  Without modifying stock 3rd, 3rd OD
and 4th non-od are identical.  This is all on a TR5-6.

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