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Packing for extended touring - Midgets

Subject: Packing for extended touring - Midgets
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 10:27:30 GMT
On the subject of packing for extended touring, I wonder if any midget owners 
can offer helpful suggestions.  We've been on two week camping trips in my 
- two people, camping gear, drinks, food, tools etc.  

Usually we chuck the spare wheel on the luggage rack to free up boot space.  Has
anyone any neater / more secure method of attatching the spare to the outside 
the car somehow - I know I've asked this before.

I've also made up vinyl covered hardboard pieces that fit behind the chassis 
in the side of the boot to partition off those little areas along the very 
of the boot.  That way I can stuff those areas full of tools / oil / 
anti-freeze / 
haynes manuals / spares; and hold it all in with the hardboard panels.  That 
that the whole central boot area between the chassis rails is free.

I've often thought of bolting a metal box into the engine bay somewhere to fill 
tools so as to free another cubic foot or so of boot space - has anyone tried 
this ?

Maybe also the panel behind the seats could be changed so that it bows inwards 
the car instead of being flat - so making the boot slightly bigger ?

I think the main plan of attack has to be to get the spare on the outside, a 
wire wheel takes up so much room


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