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Re: Packing for extended touring - Midgets

Subject: Re: Packing for extended touring - Midgets
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 15:30:35 GMT
>>>From Wed Dec  6 15:16 GMT 1995

>>>There used to be a thing called (in the US) a continental kit.  
>>>Basically, you'd extend the bumper brackets 8 inches or so, and nestle 
>>>the wheel between the bumper and the body in the position it had on a T 
>>>series MG.  I think it would look pretty nice on a Spridget.  At least it 
>>>would be practical, and you could still have a boot-mounted luggage 
>>>rack.  The bikes might be OTT, however.

So the bumpers are stuck out on 8 inch stalks behind the car ??? Sounds a bit
wierd.  I have split rear chrome bumpers, so it would look even more wierd.
I'd like to see it though.

Does anyone know if this is still available, or does anyone have any drawings 
of a make-your-own or has anyone done this.

To rephrase : does anyone know anything more about this device.


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