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Re: Windshield scratches

To: (Denise Thorpe)
Subject: Re: Windshield scratches
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 19:19:12 -0500
    Denise Thorpe, who decided to NOT make up an answer herself 
                   this time, asked:

>While we're on the subject, has anyone tried having a crack in their 
>windshield repaired?  There are companies that claim that they've got some 
>stuff that actually bonds the glass together invisibly.  My restoration
>project has what looks like a brand new windshield that has a crack down 
>the middle.  It would be nice to not have to wrestle a new ($200!) 
>windshield into the frame.

    I bought such a kit to repair a classic "bullet-hole" in the
    windshield of my Volvo, caused by a small high-velocity pebble.

        1)  I bought my kit for about $6 at Advanced Auto Parts.

        2)  To my knowledge, they are all pretty much the
            same stuff, regardless of brand names.

        3)  They address the problem of defects in the windshield
            where there is a "hole", or "crater".  They claim
            that they will NOT be of any help with a "crack".
            If the crack is shorter than the suction-cup base
            of the applicator, I might be tempted to give it
            a try, since the ante for the bet is low.

        4)  One injects the epoxy-like substance into the hole,
            and uses the syringe-like applicator to apply pressure
            for several hours while the goo dries.

        5)  I was happy with the result, but I would never do such
            a thing with a crack, as they have a nasty habit of
            getting longer at the worst times (example: just as
            you are in the final leg of a rally, the entire 
            windscreen cracks in half, and falls into your lap.)

            5a) It is, of course, raining when this happens.
            5b) Since it is raining, your sunglasses are at home, 
                and you drive the leg with saran-wrap from your 
                bag-lunch sandwich over your face, to protect your
                eyes from the driving rain.

            5c) The local TV film-crew, a UPI photographer, and
                your mother are waiting for you at the checkpoint

    While we are on the subject, I need to replace the rubber seal
    around the windscreen on my 1972 Midget.  (Drip, drip, drip...)

    Knowing my limits, I went to a local windshield shop, and asked 
    them what they would charge to remove and replace the glass, if 
    I gathered up the required rubber part(s) from the usual sources.

    They wanted $75, and they wanted a "waiver" against breaking
    the windscreen glass, since they claimed that the plastic at 
    the center of the glass would be brittle from age.

        1)  Is there PLASTIC in the center of the US version of
            the windshield?  (1972 Midget, Chassis GAN-5UC121382).

        2)  If so, is their assumption correct?

        3)  If not, can anyone provide a specific reference to
            settle the issue?  Waving a book under their noses,
            or perhaps beating them about the head and shoulders
            with the book, should change their "policy" on this

                    I Live In The Garden Of Weed'n

   james fischer             

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