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Re: Windshield scratches

Subject: Re: Windshield scratches
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 08:01:59 -0500
>     I bought such a kit to repair a classic "bullet-hole" in the
>     windshield of my Volvo, caused by a small high-velocity pebble.
>         1)  I bought my kit for about $6 at Advanced Auto Parts.
>         2)  To my knowledge, they are all pretty much the
>             same stuff, regardless of brand names.
>         3)  They address the problem of defects in the windshield
>             where there is a "hole", or "crater".  They claim
>             that they will NOT be of any help with a "crack".
>             If the crack is shorter than the suction-cup base
>             of the applicator, I might be tempted to give it
>             a try, since the ante for the bet is low.

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