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Subject: Re: MOWOG
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 18:08:35 -0500

On Thu, 04 Jan 1996, (MR JOHN H TWIST) wrote:
>MOWOG -- the story as I know it.  Morris Garages led to Morris Cars. By
>1925 Morris Cars had purchased SU. At the same time, Kimber was
>establishing the MG logo. In 1929 (beginning of the depression) Morris
>acquired Wolseley. By 1939 he acquired Riley.  By 1953 he combined with
>Austin to form the British Motor Corporation.  MO is from Morris, WO is
>from Wolseley, and G is from MG  (why G?  -- remember our later serial
>numbers (MGA1600 onwards begin with G.  Besides how would MOWOM sound?  I
>did hear, but believe it's a rumor that Morris had a fleeting arrangement
>with Ford.  Those parts were cast MOFO)  At least part of the above is true
>as I know it.  John Twist
John, welcome to the MOWAG wars. Your name and authority has been used along 
with Mike Allison as support for the"G means MG" group. The opposition 
maintained MOWAG meant Morris,Wolseley GROUP . It appears that the MOWAG came 
into use after 1936 when MG was sold by Wm. Morris (Lord Nuffield) to Morris 
Motors and the Nuffield Organisation was formed. Parts common to Morris, 
Wolseley and MG were marked MOWAG and began to appear on the TA.  I'm still 
waiting for a concession speech from the opposition which I will accept with 

There is a proposal to have a get together at Indy for this list and award a 
MOWAG trophy. If you have ideas for the trophy or the reason or feat to win it 
let me know.

Mike Leckstein

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