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To: "U. Goettsch" <>,
Subject: Re: MOWOG
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 18:41:26 -0500

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, "U. Goettsch" <> wrote:
>Oh no, I see a third group has been formed!
>mowAg !  :-)
>On Fri, 5 Jan 1996 wrote:
>> John, welcome to the MOWAG wars. Your name and authority has been used along 
>> maintained MOWAG meant Morris,Wolseley GROUP . It appears that the MOWAG 
>> Wolseley and MG were marked MOWAG and began to appear on the TA.  I'm still 
>> MOWAG trophy. If you have ideas for the trophy or the reason or feat to win 
>> Mike Leckstein
>Which type of Walseley do you own, Mike? :-)
>                     __/__,__         ________/____,,_______
>................... (_o____o_) ..... (___ O _________ O ___/ .............. 
>                      sprite                 caddy 
Ok,Ok its been a long week and MOWOG became MOWAG. My brain is slowing down and 
spell check didn't save me.MOWOG is probably a copyright infringement and maybe 
we will have to name the trophy MOWAG. Enough of this! 


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