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To: (Denise Thorpe),
Subject: Re: MOWOG
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 20:14:54 -0500

On Fri, 5 Jan 96, (Denise Thorpe) wrote:
>Mike Leckstein agreed with John Twist:
>> John, welcome to the MOWAG wars. Your name and authority has been used along 
>> with Mike Allison as support for the"G means MG" group. The opposition 
>> maintained MOWAG meant Morris,Wolseley GROUP . It appears that the MOWAG 
>> into use after 1936 when MG was sold by Wm. Morris (Lord Nuffield) to Morris 
>> Motors and the Nuffield Organisation was formed. Parts common to Morris, 
>> Wolseley and MG were marked MOWAG and began to appear on the TA.  I'm still 
>> waiting for a concession speech from the opposition which I will accept with 
>> grace. 
>Who's Grace?  There will be no concession from the "Ministry of War Oxford 
>Group" group even if I'm it.  After reading "The Rise and Fall of the Third 
>Reich" I now know that Hitler made his first aggressive moves towards 
>Austria in 1936.  It's entirely possible that the British started moving 
>towards a war economy in that year and that TA's were only made with the 
>permission of the Ministry of War.
>As the character played by Henry Fonda in "Sometimes a Great Notion" by Ken
>Kesey said, "Never give a inch." (sic)
>Denise Thorpe
>. Denise do you imply that Nuffield was making parts (MOWOGS) in secret? Was 
England's defence policy in 1936 the TA? Maybe so, what else could the dashing 
RAF pilots drive to the airfields.Maybe I should concede. 


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