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Subject: Fwd: MOWOG
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 15:50:10 -0500
please take me off the list
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From: (Denise Thorpe)
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Date: 96-01-05 21:33:59 EST

Mike riposted:

> >Who's Grace?  There will be no concession from the "Ministry of War Oxford

> >Group" group even if I'm it.  After reading "The Rise and Fall of the
> >Reich" I now know that Hitler made his first aggressive moves towards 
> >Austria in 1936.  It's entirely possible that the British started moving 
> >towards a war economy in that year and that TA's were only made with the 
> >permission of the Ministry of War.

> Denise do you imply that Nuffield was making parts (MOWOGS) in secret? 

Au contraire!  MOWOG was the Ministry of War's seal of approval.  It was the
parts _without_ MOWOG on them (like those tiny instrument light bulbs) that
were made without the government's permission.  But what would you expect 
from a guy who used an alias?  His real name was Kimber, not Nuffield.

> Was England's defence policy in 1936 the TA? 

Only if they gave them to the Nazi's [ed. note to the MG gods--I'm kidding].

> Maybe so, what else could the dashing 
> RAF pilots drive to the airfields.


> Maybe I should concede. 

You can do that with Grace, too. ;-)

the obviously very bored Denise Thorpe

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