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Subject: Re: MOWOG
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 15:47:20 PST
Mike Leckstein agreed with John Twist:

> John, welcome to the MOWAG wars. Your name and authority has been used along 
> with Mike Allison as support for the"G means MG" group. The opposition 
> maintained MOWAG meant Morris,Wolseley GROUP . It appears that the MOWAG came 
> into use after 1936 when MG was sold by Wm. Morris (Lord Nuffield) to Morris 
> Motors and the Nuffield Organisation was formed. Parts common to Morris, 
> Wolseley and MG were marked MOWAG and began to appear on the TA.  I'm still 
> waiting for a concession speech from the opposition which I will accept with 
> grace. 

Who's Grace?  There will be no concession from the "Ministry of War Oxford 
Group" group even if I'm it.  After reading "The Rise and Fall of the Third 
Reich" I now know that Hitler made his first aggressive moves towards 
Austria in 1936.  It's entirely possible that the British started moving 
towards a war economy in that year and that TA's were only made with the 
permission of the Ministry of War.

As the character played by Henry Fonda in "Sometimes a Great Notion" by Ken
Kesey said, "Never give a inch." (sic)

Denise Thorpe

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