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RE: Re[2]: MGB Heater Removal

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Subject: RE: Re[2]: MGB Heater Removal
From: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 16:20:49 -0500
        Okay, now I have to ask a question.  Why are you diving under the dash? 
 True, sometimes we have to rely on a bit of contortionism, but not in =
this instance...well, probably not, anyway.  You can get under there to =
take off the hoses and check for clogging in the vent lines (leaves, =
etc.), although I doubt this is the case. =20
        If you are getting a strong, well, as strong as can be expected, flow =
of air when you turn the fan on, the vent hoses are probably not =
clogged.  The problem with lack of heat generation is a result of a =
clogged heater core, a bad water regulator (the little brass fixture =
into which goes the water feed to the heater, and a cable.  The cable =
goes to your temperature selector on the dash.  The hotter you turn the =
knob, the more the regulator valve opens, allowing more water to flow =
through the core.), or a clog in either the block or one of the hoses, =
these of which being the least likely. =20
        First, I'd flush and backflush the core (run water through it, from a =
garden hose, both ways, until it runs clear), hook it up, make sure the =
regulator valve is open.  Do this manually if you have to.  The cable =
connecting to the dash control could be broken or stuck.  Turn the fan =
on, and see if you get warm.  If not, there's probably some sort of =
mineral deposits clogging the core, at least partially.  I'm not sure, =
but this can probably be cleaned out with some sort of chemical.
        If it works, make sure the regulator works freely, as well as the =
cable. The cable often seizes up to some extent.  If you have difficulty =
turning the knob on the dash, it's probably at least partially seized, =
therefore the valve isn't getting opened sufficiently.  Readjust the =
cable, if necessary.
        If that doesn't work...well, you'd need to ask another lister, because =
then I'd be a bit stumped, and shy of saying that there's a clog in the =
engine block, as your car would probably run a bit hot if this was the =

Hope this helps,


Sent:   Monday, December 09, 1996 6:14 PM
To:     Jason F. Dutt;
Subject:        Re[2]: MGB Heater Removal


 > Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with your heater?  Does it leak?  =
Does it
just not generate heat? =20

Just doesn't generate heat.  Well, it generates a very feeble amount of =
 > If you're doing the cooling system now, I'd definitely make sure the =
>core is in good order.  If it's clogged up with gunk, it'll send a =
bunch of=20
>it into the rest of your cooling system, and...well, you get the =

That's what I was thinking.  I'll think I'll just get a good flashlight, =
do a=20
few stretching excercises, and dive under the dash.  Besides, how can I =
be an=20
MG owner without a little contortion now and then? :^)

Thanks for all your replies!

Michael Lytton
1970 MGB

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