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Re: Dan Hughes Day

Subject: Re: Dan Hughes Day
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 12:11:31 -0800 wrote:
> > December 11 will from now on be Dan Hughes Day and the day that all MG'er
> > are supposed to come clean and tell their most stupid screwups.
  When I got around to drilling the

> I could't attempt to use that bell housing with
> another engine.  It always had to stay with that block and sump.  I didn't
> realize how valuable bell-housings and sumps would become and *I* had
> destroyed the interchangeability.

In that same area of the car, here's another: not mine, but another TC
owner's goof. I bought a TC about 20 years ago for next to nothing
because it had a frozen engine. The owner, a dentist, had done a lot of
work on it and put on a lot of new stuff including a new exhaust. A
couple of months later, I started to pull the head and pan to see about
repairs. When I started to remove the bolt holding the header pipe
steady to the bell housing, the bolt came out, and out, and out, and
out.... You guessed it, he had put a 2" long bolt in there and the front
end neatly snuggled between the teeth of the flywheel ring gear! I put
those things I had started to take off back on, and that engine ran
perfectly for another 12 years. Boy, was I a lucky dog!    Jarl

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