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Dan Hughes Day

To: mgs <>
Subject: Dan Hughes Day
From: tallen <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 22:33:58 -0500 (EST)
I wasn't gonna post about some of the stupid things I've done, but after
reading some of these, I thought mine were at least as amusing.  So, with
the details left to the imagination:

1) involves a '78 VW Rabbit that runs well but won't "go", the clutch, and
a whole quart of 90 weight gear oil.

2) involves my '60 MGA, 2 broken storm windows, a totaled bicycle, and an
idiot (me) who tired to start the car in the garage with it in gear.

Now, if the clutch sent an e-mail message for every revolution it made
without engaging...


'60 MGA 1600 (crash tested)

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