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RE: WooHoo - sort of. <G>

To: "'John Trindle'" <>, Neil Cotty <>
Subject: RE: WooHoo - sort of. <G>
From: Dan Pockrus <>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 08:53:50 -0500
> <g> I did this once, and the car barely ran.. the adjuster 
> spun off while
> I was on the interstate.  I fought and fought the ignition 
> and carbs in
> the parking lot of a 7-11 until I thought to take the valve 
> cover off (the
> next *day*)

        I've also had this happen. In my case, it was an exhaust valve that
backed off, and the resulting back pressure increase through the intake
manifold blew the rear plug out of the intake manifold, as well as blowing
out the top and bottom of every gasket in between the carbs and the head.

Dan Pockrus
'74B in faded Citron

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