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Re: V-8 ??? & $$$

To: "Jurgen Hartwig" <>,
Subject: Re: V-8 ??? & $$$
From: "Andrew Lundgren" <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 19:56:34 -0600
Seems like if you are going to spend that much you might as well get a
CBB and modify the engine bay to hold it.  It gives an older car with
less emissions concerns if you go older than about 72-74...

On Sun, 23 May 1999 20:03:28 -0400, Jurgen Hartwig wrote:

> wrote:
>> Well now that i have a 78 b im really dieing to make it a screaming machine
>> so just how much should i expect it to cost.  I & some friends would do all
>> the work .  Im looking for recomedations on engines trans etc to do this
>> little venture.
>Only one post about this Ray.  Get on the V8 mailing list. You'll get
>about one message a month, and you'll wonder why you put up with the
>drivel on the mgs list. :)
>Oh, cost:  Mike and I have about $7500 in our car.  That cost is for
>parts only, and $2k in machine work and engine parts.  If you're in a
>hurry or can't stand used parts, double or triple that price.  Engines:
>most of the Rover 3.5 and larger engines.  Tranny: the T-5 is a good
>choice.  There is also a V8 conversion BBS from out of England.  It is
>incredible.  Also, check out RPI Engineering.  This is a very good
>company.  Prices are respectable, and they even have short and long
>blocks at very competitive prices, shipping excluded.
>Contact me in private about other things.   I don't want to blitz the
>list with this stuff.  We have converted Porsche rotors for use with the
>MG hub. Four wheel disc brakes.  Considering full independent at all
>four corners with coilovers.  Once it starts you just can't stop.

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