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RE: Top (Hood) ideas, please

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Subject: RE: Top (Hood) ideas, please
From: "Kulka, Matt" <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 09:04:44 -0400

  I've had the same problem with my top.  I weigh in at about 190, and I
have to hang from the header rail and pull hard to get the latches close
enough to hook.  I need a new top because the seam where my rear window is
sewn in has come apart along the top edge of the window.  As I was driving
home this week it dawned on me that every time I put the top up I'm putting
a lot of pull on this seam, and it would have lasted a lot longer if the top
wasn't so dang tight.  (DPO!)

  So my unlearned advise is this:  If you can't take the existing roof apart
at the header and loosen it, buy a new top and install it with a good fit in
cold weather.  You'll almost never have it raised in warm weather, so being
too loose shouldn't be a big problem.

  At least, that's my plan.  If anyone has a better idea, I'd love to hear
it, because I'm saving the money for a new roof right now.  Anybody know of
any good sales?

Dryly yours,

Matt Kulka
Huntersville, NC
'74 B - Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor gloom of night shall delay
the MGB from making its appointed rounds.

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     The present top (hood) on the daily-driver '77 isn't too bad, but it's
bear to put up and could use a replacement. The latches can only be made to
reach the windscreen by using most of my 6'1" 235# pulling power...

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