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RE: Petrol rip off

To: "mg's" <>
Subject: RE: Petrol rip off
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 12:40:27 -0700
Well, they are overcharging us (relatively) in the SF Bay area -- I paid 
$1.89/gal for Premium this week and I've seen it at $1.98. And we 
actually have refineries here. It's galling to think they can refine it 
and ship it to places like Seattle and Boise and then charge LESS for it.

j r overcash had this to say:

>Compared to the rest of the world Gasoline in the US is cheap.  I paid
>$1.21/ gallon of regular yesterday.  there are something like 3.6 liters to
>a US Gallon so using round figures we pay only $0.30 US/liter.  Most
>Americans think this is horrible and that the oil companies are allowed to
>gouge us.  Yes gas (as well as fuel oil and diesel) prices rise based on the
>current cost of oil, even if the oil used to produce the end product was
>purchased at the cheaper rate!  I guess we al should have purchased stock in
>the oil companies years ago, before OPEC!!  We pay plenty of taxes too,
>Federal, State, even local taxes in some places!  I think I pay at least
>$0.40/gallon in state taxes alone (last time it was posted at the pump)!!
>Ross Overcash,74B,NAMGBR 1172
>Ayer, MA
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>> Subject: Petrol rip off
>> Fellow listers,
>>                          the price of petrol in Oz jumped to 77.9
>> cents per
>> litre, because our petrol companies charge the 'going world rate' even if
>> the stuff is our own.
>> State & Federal Taxes= 43.4 CPL  56% of the total,
>> Oil Company Revenue= 32.0 CPL   41% of the total,
>> Dealer margin              = 02.5 CPL   3.o% of the total.
>> Total                                  77.9 CPL  100%
>> I used to fill up my Holden Commodore for $53.78 in July, in
>> August I get to
>> pay $59.25, whoopee lucky eh?
>> If I sound a bit exasperated it's because I bloody well am! Sorry
>> if I have
>> offended any one, but paying taxes is low on my list of fun things to do.
>> Do our prices compare well or badly compared to yours?
>> CUL6R,
>> John [Scotty} Scott,
>> Paying heaps for petrol in, Adelaide, South Australia.


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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