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Re: Petrol rip off

To: "mg's" <>
Subject: Re: Petrol rip off
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 09:38:50 +0000
Scotty wrote:
> the price of petrol in Oz jumped to 77.9 cents per
> litre, because our petrol companies charge the 'going world rate' even 
> if the stuff is our own.

But of course I live a few miles up the road from Scotty and pay more
than 30c per litre over that price ... based on the
3.6-litres-per-US-gallon calculation by Ross, I think this makes me
certifiable compared to what you are paying Stateside.

Of course I am a lead advocate and the $1.10 per litre price that bugs
everyone except me is for 100 octane AvGas (as has been mentioned before
it smells nicer, but that *really* isn't my major reason for using the

So now we need the Canadian and European experiences to find out where
we all need to live if we really want to DRIVE our cars (and want to be
able to afford to do so).

Maybe we could post a weekly rundown of petrol prices (if you say 'gas'
here people think you are referring to LPG) around the world - or point
us to a website of same.


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