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Re: Petrol rip off

Subject: Re: Petrol rip off
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:23:21 EDT
Seems to me when we had the last gas hike in the Spring, everyone was 
complain regardless of what the prices were.  The gas stations always seem to 
push what they can charge people.  If they have a 30% margin when they charge 
so much for gas, they will try for more until their margin goes down, then 
slack off and claim they lowered prices because supply was up. 

Bakersfield California where I live had some of the lowest gas prices on the 
West Coast, but they went up as well to about $1.50/ U.S. gallon for 87 
octane, then people said they weren't going to pay for any higher and made an 
effort to find gas stations selling for less than $1.50.  That began a price 
war as stations wanted to regain market share wich brought prices down.  
Every time the price goes down, it doesn't go back down as far as it once 

Sorry for rambling...

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