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RE: Installing alarm and actuators

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Subject: RE: Installing alarm and actuators
From: "Wil Boucher" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 10:14:08 -0800
My opinion differs here, I have just recently (about a month ago) put an
alarm in my B Roadster, and JUST LAST NIGHT, it prevented my stereo from
being stolen. Some one opened the door, and triggered the alarm, when I went
to check it out, the door was wide open, no one in site, and the contents of
the car un-changed.

I also don't agree that an FM radio is all you need :-)

Where I am there is no station that plays the sort of music that I enjoy, so
there is no need for me to even have a radio, and I think that many of us
will agree that with the right tunes playing, any touring/cruising
experience in any vehicle is enhanced :-)

Good speakers, in the right places, with an adequate stereo, even with the
top down on the highway, the tunage comes through clearly for your listening

I have $500 in stereo gear installed, so in that one instance last night my
alarm SAVED me $300 to spend at another time on the car.

I only spent $200 Canadian on a Clifford Cyber100 (not recommending, just
the one I chose) with a 'proximity' detector. Just for having it in the car
I get a 10% saving on my insurance, so amortize it and it pays for itself

I added door switches (my car was without) used heavy duty door switches on
the bonnet and boot, the alarm has a vibration trigger (which I adjusted way
down on the sensitive scale, because we all hate those people whose car
alarms go off just because you drive by...) The alarm also has a starter
'immobilizer' built in to prevent the starter being used if the alarm is
triggered or tampered with...

I leave my doors unlocked because there is really no point locking them on
the roadster, if the top is up, it will be slashed, if the top is down, they
will be unlocked.

The proximity detector was the hard part, took a lot of time to adjust the
'zone' so that it only triggers if the cabin in penetrated (someone sticks
an arm in or something...)

For me anyway (and time will tell for sure) I think an alarm is a GOOD idea,
if adjusted properly, and used right.

If there is anyway I can help Morten, let me know.


1969 MGB Roadster

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    It amazes me at how much money some people put into anti theft devices
on our LBCs. After several times being ripped off many moons ago I put a
simple on-off switch between ign. switch and solenoid,  put valuables out of
sight in the trunk and lock it ,and put a Club on for visual determent. Park
your car in plain sight and under lights when possible.
      Save your money  for the up keep of the car, cause your gonna need it.
A decent FM radio is all you need, cause you can't hear much with the tops
down anyway.  Save your good jams  for home. The car is for the driving
experience not your listening pleasure.   Put the thousand dollar alarm
systems in your home, thats your biggest asset (unless we turn our LBCs into
our biggest assests) and where its needed the most.

Just my 2cents after many years of experience.


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Subject: Installing alarm and actuators

> I'm going to install an alarm system in my 1966 B roadster. This just in
> because of the insurance and my general concern...
> I want to secure the boot, engineroom, doors (with microswitches) and if
> possible the CD-player. The main point is to incorporate some sort of
> imobilizer so that the engine will not start when the alarm is armed.
> I found a system now that even claims it can secure the cab with
> Has anyone some experience with this on a B roadster (my concern is that
> since the cabin is not airtight it will not work properly and sometimes
> park without taking the top up, what to do then?).
> Another thing I'm thinking about is installing actuators controlled by the
> alarmremote to lock / unlock the doors with the alarm. I'll disassemble
> original locking mechanism, the key that's used today isn't safe at all,
> day I couldn't find the keys I used a paperclip to unlock the car(!), and
> I'm no professional car thief... I think the remotecontrol only actually
> will be a lot safer :).
> Any suggestions?

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