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Vacuum Advance Part

To: MG LIST <>
Subject: Vacuum Advance Part
From: Zach Dorsch <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 17:14:24 -0700 (PDT)
I have contacted the list before regarding my replacement distributor, but am 
now at another loss.  I have a '73 B that I replaced the distributor with a '72 
18V HC piece.  I think that I have the problem narrowed down to the vacuum 
unit.  When the vacuum advance is unplugged but the port of the manifold is 
plugged the car idles fairly well, but when I hook the advance tube back up the 
car starts to shake and fluctuates about 200rpm.  I did a quick check last week 
that consisted of disconnecting the hose from the manifold and since I didn't 
have the mityvac handy, I just blew into the hose and there was a noticeable 
hiss coming from the distributor.  I assume that this means the vacuum unit 
needs replaced.  Now the problem,  the distributor number is 41234 H, Moss does 
not have anything that corresponds to this number.  Their book just lists 41370 
for the '72 models.  Will this work or am I trying to do something that won't 
work?  Also, would I hurt the car if in the interim I just disconnect the 
vacuum hose and plug the port and drive the car that way?


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