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Re: Vacuum Advance Part

To: Zach Dorsch <>
Subject: Re: Vacuum Advance Part
From: Aubrey Schneider <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 17:33:20 -0700
(Zach Dorsch wrote:

(I just blew into the hose and there was a noticeable hiss coming from the 
distributor.    (Will this work or am I trying to do something that won't work? 
 Also, would I hurt the (car if in the interim!

I have been driving my 75B without the vac advance for close to 6 months. I had 
no vacuum at all.

>  (I just disconnect the vacuum hose and plug the port and drive the car that 
> (Thanks,
> (Zach

That's exactly what I did. I do get hesitation, especially at a steady speed. 
As soon as I speed up, the jerks disappear. I did however have to play with the 
ZS a bit.

Aubrey 75B

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