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RE: Fw: mgb conversion

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Subject: RE: Fw: mgb conversion
From: "Phil Vanner" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 15:05:26 -0600
The 60 Degree GM V6 conversion is not as common (yet?) but is also pretty
well supported by vendors.  I have a buddy who makes EFI wiring harnesses
for these. In a rubber-bumper I was amazed how fast he could convert a car.
No fabrication at all.

The Heritage of the Rover v8 is something else entirely, though, and a
definite consideration.

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Pay particular attention to Kelvin's comment below.  I chose to use the
BOPR V8 engine.   As a result when I converted my car I was helped along
the way by dozens of V8 friends.  Friends that had 'been there and done
that'.  Not only did they offer encouragement, but their knowledge was

The BOPR conversion has been done so many times, parts are readily
available.  There are multiple suppliers of things like headers, throw
out bearings, engine mounts, intakes, carburetors, starters,
tachometers, speedometers, etc.  All those items are available to anyone

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