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mgb conversion

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Subject: mgb conversion
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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:54:46 -0800
As a matter of fact I am in the middle of one now. I bought a brand
new 100% complete ( clutch to fan, no wire harness) 2.8 Chev 60 degree
V/6 crated engine.

I made my own adapter plate, had the crank bored for the MGB pilot
bush, used the S10 clutch plate and a Pontiac disc , sized to match
the P/P and the proper splines to fit the MGB GBX W/O/D.
I had to modify the GBX case, slightly , to gain access for the V/6
starter ( no big deal, my brother is a welder and he made the mod, non

I cut off the old mounts and bolted in a couple of Jeep mounts with
adapters to the eng. All very K.I.S.S. This is the only mod. I have
made to the body and I have kept the mounts in case it wants to be
converted back to the OE engine.

I had bought an MGC hood to gain clearance for the TBI, but I managed
to get the eng. low enough that it was not used and I sold it on eBay
to a fellow in Tennessee. I may have to use a remote filter or a low
profile but I think I can plane the top of the manifold a little to
gain a bit more clearance.

I will be using a late B rad. and I plan to pipe in the A/C and use
the Delco alternator. I still need to do all of the exhaust, wire the
eng. and computer and modify the fuel sys. and also tap into the oil
sys. to add the oil cooler and perhaps a remote oil filter, this will
give me a little more room for the exhaust.

All this is in a '70 BGT that I have had since 1980. I bought this
from the original owner that had not driven it since 1974. It had
26,000 mi. , zero rust, never wrecked and O/D. Not too bad for
However he had removed the head, to decarbonise it, as the owners
manual said , and he never put it back together! Well the engine was
seized due to condesation but I had a '77 eng. from a rolled B I
bought in '78 with 27,000, on the clock. This was in it all these
years until it was pulled to make way for the V/6.

I hope to have this car on the road by the end of Summer, if all goes

I am in the Spokane, Wa. area, and am interested in hearing from
anyone that may be within a couple of hundred mi. of me.


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No, I don't plan on trying it, but:

Anyone seen, done, tried, experienced the use of a small V6
in a MGB?  I know about the aluminum Buick V8s and was
curious as whether a V6 could be just a good and easier to

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