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Re: Spam Spam Spam

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Subject: Re: Spam Spam Spam
From: RW <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2004 15:31:09 -0700
> I await words of wisdom from those who know how !!
I don't really know how, I just know the name of the junk mail filter I use.
It's called SpamSieve and it makes *no* mistakes. It takes about a month to
train. You mark the mail you receive as either good or junk. After about a
month you can turn off the training mode and for the last year it has only
made 3 mistakes!!
Check it out at

I'm as happy with SpamSieve as I am with Pertronix ignition. Which is to say
a lot.
Rod Williams
Petaluma, California
1967 MGB

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