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Subject: Re: Bleed System
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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 09:16:59 -0000
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Clutch or brake? For the clutch even continuous bleeding methods don't seem to be able to get the air out of the top of the pipe and people seem to spend hours if not days trying. I used a Gunson's EeziBleed connected to the slave nipple with very low pressure to *fill* the system, got the full 1/2" to 5/8" travel of the slave push-rod straight away. Since then I've heard of pressing the slave piston all the way back into the cylinder (it normally sits part way out) and clamping it there while bleeding, or simply pushing it back after bleeding then pumping the pedal.

For the brake the EeziBleed connected to the master to fill/initially bleed the system, but on both my cars and I have heard others say the same that still leaves a pedal that sinks on the first application but pumps up. I then have to get my wife to stand on the pedal while I rapidly open and shut each caliper bleed nipple, and that always gets an extra 'lump' of air out and it is fine thereafter. If she doesn't fancy sitting there for hours pumping the pedal (and I don't blame her) she may be more amenable to this procedure which will only involve two presses of the brake pedal and a couple of minutes.


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What is the best system for one-man bleeding? My wife doesn't seem to enjoy
the process as she once did for some reason.
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