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Re: Bleed System

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Subject: Re: Bleed System
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Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 12:22:52 -0600
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 Do you remember off hand what the thread size is for the B?



Gosling, Richard wrote:
Personally I don't like the Eezibleed much (device that uses pressure
from the spare tyre to pressurise the MC and thus force fluid down the
pipes when a bleed valve is open).  I find it hard to get a good seal on
the MC, the full pressure of the spare tyre is too much so it has to be
let down, then your spare tyre is flat and needs pumping up again.

I use Speedbleeders - bleed nipples with
built-in one-way valves, so you don't need to tighten them up when you
lift the brake pedal.  They work a treat, they are not expensive (even
including shipping from the US to Scotland!), they are simple.  Only
hassle is you have to keep getting into the drivers seat to pump the
pedal and then getting out to check for bubbles and top up the MC.

Just my view!

Richard & Sammy ('73 Black Tulip BGT)

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