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Re: [oletrucks] Howdyaget an "Easy Out" Out?

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Howdyaget an "Easy Out" Out?
From: Passnb4U@aol.com
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 18:33:36 EST
In a message dated 11/26/99 3:14:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Hudson29@aol.com writes:

>     I'm back to work today on the same broken bolt that stymied me several 
>  weeks ago. The first part of the job was to use a Dremel Moto Tool to 
>  the shaft of the broken bolt level inside the hole. Once this was done I 
>  figured on using the new toys the Snap-On guy delivered Wednesday, an 
>  extractor set with drill guides. I had high hopes for the drill guides, 
>  bumped into an unpleasant surprise before I could use them.
>      The Dremel with a rotary grinding bit did clean up the hole so that I 
>  could see what was going on, and it looks like a metallic five pointed 
>  is imbedded in the broken bolt. It is very tough, and even the new Cobalt 
>  drills won't touch it, just skating across the surface. Could this be what 
> is 
>  left of an "Easy-Out" that somebody broke off and just gave up on?
>      What now? I think I'll go back out and work with the Dremel awhile, 
> I 
>  doubt that will get much further down. I would sure hate to have to drag 
>  entire motor out to a machine shop to have one oil pan bolt removed, but 
>  runnin' out of ideas.
>  Paul O'Neil, Hudson29@aol.com


  I think you just asked the question that has plagued mankind since the 
invention of the Easy-Out.

  I've done it a couple of ways...

1.  Use a good punch (read real forged steel, not "import quality") and peck 
away at it, chip at a time.

2.  This "invention" of mine was borrowed by a fellow name Lewis or Louis, 
it's my rendition of the <choose you spelling here>.."Louis-tool": used to 
drill out pushrod holes.  Basically you'll need to make a block of steel with 
3 holes in it, the two outer holes will serve to bolt down the tool (yes, 
you'll have to drill and tap two new holes on either side of your bad hole) 
and the center hole is used to keep the drill bit in as a guide.  Make all 
holes as tight as you can to minimize the offset you'll get when drilling, 
chances are you'll still need to open the original hole up and put in a 
heli-coil, but you can at least get the Easy-Out, out.

  Good luck

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