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Re: [oletrucks] EDM?

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] EDM?
From: WR Teto <monadnoc@crystal-mtn.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 01:38:18 -0500
You may get lucky and locate a machine shop that can help.  We have one where I
work, commonly referred to as a "tap burner"  It's mounted on a cart and it has 
pivoting head so that the taps can be burnt out horizontally as well and
vertically down.  I have no idea how much they'd charge to do the job, assuming
you could get the part to them.  But I'd call a few places, ask around.  


> "The best thing to do would be to EDM it out"
>     I have heard this is the "A" solution from guys that work with high
> dollar classic cars and bikes. What is the EDM process, and who does it? Can
> they work on a completely assembled motor in the bed of a pickup? What can we
> expect to pay for this service?

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