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[oletrucks] suspension swap

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Subject: [oletrucks] suspension swap
From: N Baber <nbaber@agt.net>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 19:48:08 -0600
Greetings to all from The Canadian Rocky Mountains.
I'm new on the list .

I'm looking at purchaseing a 1946 1 1/2 ton dually CDN built Chevy
truck. The seller wants to include in the deal a frame and suspension
off a 72 C30 Chevy pickup. He says that the suspension off the C30 will
bolt up to the 46 frame with very minor modification . He says the
frames rails on both trucks are the same distance apart thereby allowing
the C30 's front suspension setup to be bolted into the 46's frame with
only 4 holes being drilled into the frame. This would give the benefit
of disc brakes .

IS this swap possible?
If the frames are the same size, is the C30's track width wider?
Would this result in the possibility of wheel rub at the outer lip of
the fenders on the 46?
If there is the possibility of wheel rub, would not the offset  rims
from a C30 dually fix this?

Can anyone can help in this ?.

D J Baber

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