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hi, sounds like your about to get into what i have just done. i have a 46 1 
1/2 ton that i rebuilt using the suspension off a 1 ton chevy cutaway van.it 
was a 74 model.here are some things that we ran into;
1.we used the cutaway rearend because a regular 1 ton rear was to narrow, 
but, the rear i am using is about 8" wider than original. I am taking it to 
carlisle to have arts rearend service cut it and narrow it. it will be 
expensive. but i cant stand the fact that i would have to run down the road 
with the bed stuck out that far as these cabs are narrow anyway.problem 
2. we had to narrow the front suspension by cutting it and narrowing by a few 
inches to get it to bolt up. we also installed power steering and a 350 with 
an automatic tranny, so for room , we had to move the steering linkage and 
box outside the frame. this setup seems to work fine. if your staying stock 
with your motor, you shoudnt have to worry about clearance.
3.my wheels are 16 chevy and they are out further than the original, but with 
going to the smaller wheel, we have had no problem with clearance.wheels are 
just inside fenders and are not noticable to anyone except pros
all in all this is turning into a nice truck. dont have the bed on yet as we 
are still 'testing everything out' so to speak. when finished, i should have 
a nice original LOOKING one ton .but, she should be able to cruise down the 
freeway with the best of them! if you would like to stay in touch, feel free. 
i will help in any way i can with this project. and when they tell you your 
nuts (like they did me) ill send you some pics to make them shut up! good 
luck, Phil Faircloth, Wildwood, Ga.

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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