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[oletrucks] painted, but another ?

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Subject: [oletrucks] painted, but another ?
From: "David" <mytruck@hehe.com>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 11:13:41 -0600
I finally put some paint on my 59 this weekend.  It is not exactly as I
hoped, but I can do it again easy enough.  Here is the situation:  The
paint is very uniform, very even.  The problem is that it has almost a
"hammered" finish, or like a matte style photo.  I do not know why.  I
adjusted the gun's air flow and spray, but no change.  Do I need to thin
the paint?  Or what?  If it wasn't on a vehicle I'd say it looks pretty
cool.  It looks like I was just going for a textured finish or something.

Ok, besides that I was wondering what prep is needed on the first coat to
paint over it?  I planned on sanding it, but is that it?  Wet sand, etc?

Thanks alot!

BTW I guess I have been with this list near the beginning but I did not
know it.  I think it was 95?  or 96?  It has been a big help.

David "Tex" Carr 
1959 Chevy Shortbed Stepside
Canyon, Texas (near Amarillo)

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