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RE: [oletrucks] master cylinders

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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] master cylinders
From: "Hanlon, Bill" <Bill.Hanlon@COMPAQ.com>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 08:36:02 -0500
        I just finished putting disk brakes on the front of my '57 GMC 102
which is essentially the same model as your 3200.  The brake plumbing 
on this model are different than all the other "half ton" models.  The 
kit I received from Heavy Chevy was advertised for half tons, but the 
printed instructions called for 3100 series.

The problems I ran into were:
        1.  Hoses supplied were 14", not near long enough.  I finally 
                got a copy of the original instructions from Buffalo 
                Enterprises, the manufacturer of the kit, which specified 
                CarQuest part # SP6210, a 20" hose. 

        2.  Neither the supplied hose nor the SP6210 will fit flush to 
                the frame without removing a slight amount of brass on the 
                "points" of the nut on the frame end of the hose.  I guess I

                could have drilled the frame hole out a little, but the 
                brass is easily removed with a file.

        3.  Both the supplied hose and the SP6210 use a spring clip to 
                secure one end of the hose to the frame.  According to the 
                Chevy Assembly manual this is how the 3100 series attach the

                hose.  The stock hose on your 3200 and my 102 secure to the 
                frame via a large nut that threads over the end of the hose.

                The part number and attaching hardware called out in the
                manual is different for 31xx and 32xx series trucks.  It
seems to 
                me that the 3200/102 frame is thicker.  The groove that the 
                spring clip slips over does not come through the frame
                to attach the clip.  I spent an hour looking through the
                catalogs at my local parts dealer and could not find a hose 
                with all the proper connections for my truck.  
                I solved the problem by doing this.  I ran new 3/16" brake
                from the master cylinder to the frame attachment points.
                (all?) off the shelf brake lines come with one long and one
                male fitting.  I made sure the long fitting was on the end
                attaches to the front hose.  I needed a "nut" to fit this
                but could not find one, so I took a 3/16" female coupling
                hack sawed off one end to form the nut.  Run this nut all
the way 
                onto the male fitting.  Then place one washer that is just
                enough for the male fitting to pass through against the nut.

                Next find two washers that are large enough to fit over the 
                frame end of the hose that was filed down in step 2 and
                them on the fitting.  Loosely attach the other end of the
                to the caliper (see step 4 for the gotcha), slip the hose 
                through the frame and tighten the male fitting into the
                Then run the "nut" you made down against the washers to
                the hose to the frame.

        4.  The "gotcha" is that the caliper end of the supplied hose is the

                proper size, but the hole through the caliper end of the
                is not large enough.  I ran a 7/16" drill through it to
                it enough.  

So after much hassle I am on the road and very happy with the stopping 
capabilities of the brakes.  Just realize that the 3200 Chevy and the 102 
GMC are different beasts from the rest of the half-tons when it comes 
to front brake plumbing.

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] master cylinders

heres what all i have, tho its not all in and hooked up yet. i have a pedal,

booster, and master cylinder from an '85 camaro. im also useing the '85 
proportioning valve. i plan on putting a residuel valve in the front, and 
rear lines (for purposes ill go into later if anyone wants). for right now i

have 4 wheel drums, and im going to switch over to front discs this summer 
(actually, in about a month or less). if brake line size and chamber size 
were/are important, could they work for the short time ill have 4 wheel 

im also going to put power steering into the truck this summer, i remember a

while back someone put power steering on the I-beam by bolting a 70s (?) box

onto the outside of the frame rail where the stock shock went, and relocated

the shock to the back. but i dont remember who or how they did it, does any 
one have any tips, prices they could share with me on that topic? im most 
likely going to either keep my original colume if i can, or get a Ididit 
tilt colume from Kennys Rod Shop in turlock (lokar stuff, etc.)

one last question, how many of you have used chevy dutys, and old airs, and 
vintage airs A/C kits for TF trucks? i like the one Pickups Northewest sells

(vintage air?) becuase the controls look just like factory deluxe controls. 
anyone have any experiences with theses?

just a kid spending his graduation present/money
Brian M
Atwater, CA
'57 Chevy 3200

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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