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Re: [oletrucks] more 5 speed questions

To: "New Mexico Jim" <ADvent@thuntek.net>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] more 5 speed questions
From: New Mexico Jim <ADvent@thuntek.net>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:12:50 -0600
Oh, I was thinking of my Sag car 4 sp. trans with that comment. Sorry about the
confusion.  After I got rolling, it was fine. The 57 had 3.9:1's. My tires were
about 31" tall. That first gear gearing is too tall. A  4:1 would be about
right. I hate slipping a clutch like that to get it rolling and what do you do
when you tow or haul something. If you try to leave a stop light too quickly
with ratios around 3:1 the T5 will not hold up, especially with taller tires. My
next OD trans is going to be a Sag car 4 sp with the OD from a 3 sp. That will
give me a cast iron 5 sp with OD. This is so much stronger than the Ford built
T5. I already have a Sag 4 sp and need to find a Sag 3sp OD for the parts. The
Sag Car 4 sp and the 3 sp share the same case. Its just a matter of swapping
parts. It took me a few hours and not woring hard to do the T5 transplant. All I
did was  hand ream the 4 mounting holes with a  inch drill bit by hand. Its
that close to fitting without it. All I did was swap out the old clutch disc for
a new one for a Camaro. Bolt it up and lopped off two inches of the driveshaft
and use an automatic slip yoke. The u-joints were even the same. Made a big
horse shoe shaped ugly shifter arm, because I had a bench seat and  Camaro T5.
In first, third and fifth, the shifter almost touched the floorboard. And fill
the T5 with ATF and took it for a cruise. The speedo was even fairly close. The
T5 is for light duty use only, no big trailer towing. I liked the Sag car 4 sp
gearing much better. If I had a 3 sp OD parts, I would not attempt a T5 at all.

> Jim,
>     I can't see why this would be true, because 1st gear in a Camaro T5 is
> 2.95, original 3-speed is 2.94. Did you make a rear gear change at the same
> time?
> Jack
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