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RE: SPEEDVISION...two thumbs down

To: "'Aaron Johnson'" <fpspitfire37@msn.com>,
Subject: RE: SPEEDVISION...two thumbs down
From: "Mitchell, Doug (D.B.)" <dmitchel@ford.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 07:06:19 -0500
I have to agree with Aaron as to the club racing. Also keep in mind
that the big difference between NASCAR and real racing is that real
racers know how to turn right!

I enjoy most kinds of racing, including Pro Rally, but I will rarely
watch (either in person or on the telly) any kind of oval racing.
That includes IRL, NASCAR, CART. The Indy 500 is an exception.
Give me a road course any day, and I will try to make some time
to watch it.


Doug Mitchell
1973 Spitfire 1500
1973 Stag
USAC F1 & SCCA National License Flagging and Communication

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> I my opinion,
> NOTHING beats vintage racing!!!!!!!!!!! The thrill to see vintage cars,
> restored, all suped up, competing for the finish line, is the greates fun.
> The people who race them are a special bunch, lots of  fun to be around,
> down to earth, and loving their sport.
> Nascar??? Not for me, never has been, never will be.
> Liv


Go to an SCCA Club Race.Full prep Spitfires, bugeyes, datsuns, acuras,
honda.wheels off don't get you black flagged.well not at first and people
ARE going for the win.

Hard to beat it

#38 F-Production Spitfire mkIV  Oregon Region SCCA

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