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Re: Parts Stores== Slightly off topic===

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Subject: Re: Parts Stores== Slightly off topic===
From: "John T. Blair" <jblair@exis.net>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 19:03:29 -0400
At 11:26 AM 6/18/03 -0400, Fred Thomas wrote:
>Just came back from "Auto Zone"  trying to compare electric fuel pumps and
>pressure regulators, I asked for a universal F/P & P/R, the counter person
>said "What Type Car" does this fit, sir I only want a "Universal", well I
>a make/model car in order to get a application that it will fit, O/K I
want it
>for a "Universal", well we do not have a listing for a Universal, what other
>car takes this pump, well try a Triumph, naw they're made by M/G and I
know we
>don't make M/G pumps, well thanks anyway. Is it only me or do others get
>agitated when the "golden" words "What Type Car" always seem to come out of
>the counter person.  "FT"


Thats when you ask to speak to the manager.  I spend a lot of time and 
money at AutoZone.  But I have built up a friend ship with a couple of the
counter people.  Every time I walk in, I ask about the sale their running
on Bricklin parts. :)  So now they know me.  Yes, I do get some of the
newbies but if they can't help, I'll ask for the people I know - one of
which is not the manager.


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