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Re: Event participation??

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Subject: Re: Event participation??
From: Brad Fornal <toyman@htcomp.net>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 17:07:29 -0500
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I guess I'll throw in my .02 as this is winding down as I have a few questions
and comments. First,it is stated that these events need to make their monies 
for the club,Fine, but in the AHCUSA(of which I am a member) are you gonna make
me believe that the $35 yearly dues are used solely for the publication of the
club magazine(30 pages received about 7-8 times a year)BULL!I get a weekly
magazine with almost 200 pages in it for $40 a year.I am willing to suggest that
some of the dues are used to sponsor the events such as Mike was attending.
Second, if money needs to be raised for some funding why is there no provision 
have a gate fee,could it be that there is not enough interest in LBC's outside 
our group that the average Joe Public is gonna lay down his hard earned cash 
to see your project completed?Third,is this kind of infighting between the big
Healey owners and the (obviously lesser) Spridget owners indicative of the
treatment I can expect to receive should I decide to attend a Healey meet here 
Texas?When I purchased our box Sprite only our close friends knew that I was
working on it yet I somehow got an invitation from AHCUSA to join,(how did they
know of my purchase,I didn't tell them?)but as a proud Healey owner, I
joined.Little did I realize that as a member I would be expected (by some
members)to register at  events in my area merely for the opportunity to
attend,pray tell,what are the dues for again?? I don't need a club to enjoy my
car,simple ownership is enough for me,the list here offers freely(for now) and
openly any and all advice that I could ever want.It is not unusual for me to 
total stangers at Wal-Mart a ride around the block in the Sprite merely to give
them a taste of the joy that I have on a daily basis.But I will NEVER register 
Sprite in any event as I feel it is not a good restoration,so this eliminates me
from attending, if I understand Ed correctly,SO,why do I need to be a member of
AHCUSA,to notify me of events I'm not welcome at??Those folks who do register at
the events, I praise you and your efforts to bring your car back to factory
original,I hope you win that trophy in  your class,but I know that I will not 
because my car looks good but is not a frame-off so why pay $95 for the purists
to scoff the car that I am very content with.The list had a thread two months
back that discussed the attitude of the Big Healey owners to the Sprite owners,I
feel that Ed (BN7)settled that debate for me.Last Question,since I have been
enjoying the photos from WCM/CHW that Bob and Annice were so kind as to post on
the list, will I be required to send money for the viewing pleasure I
received,they are gorgeous cars and I only wish I had the money to make mine 
as good(a few of the Sprite owners live on a budget) gettin' off the box now.
Brad (seriously considering his need of club membership)(and cheap)Fornal

Lancer7676@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 8/15/99 11:19:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> boxweed@thebest.net writes:
> << There's no need for you to apologize for not registering for this event.
> If
>  it were required to pay an admission charge for looking at the cars, there
>  would have been someone standing at the entrance selling tickets who would
>  not have let you in without paying, like at most of the car shows I've been
>  to.  The fact that there was not implies to me that everyone is invited to
>  come on in and look around for free.  I would not have paid $95 to look
>  around at the cars either. >>
> I have been reading these posts back and forth and I agree wholeheartedly
> with Bob.  Even for an entry, $95 is very steep--it would keep me away for
> sure.  And I agree that if it were not implied that you could just come in
> and look around there would have been people stationed in strategic places to
> remind you of that.  Don't worry about it Mike!
> ---David

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