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Re: Weber Set-up??

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Subject: Re: Weber Set-up??
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Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 07:57:20 -0500
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To all,

Somewhere... maybe off the list or on the Puddlejumper set was a write up
entitled, "Having Trouble Setting up your Weber?". It had all sorts of
engine and head configurations, and the suggested jetting for various

Does anyone remember this and know where it can be found?

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Subject: Re: Weber Set-up??

> > I also put on a "soft mount" kit at the same time,
> > has anyone had problems
> > relating to these kits??
> My 45DCOE came w/ the soft mount kit, and an extremely
> respected mechanic friend who is a "by the book" guy
> with lots of Weber experience suggested I ignore the
> instructs and tighten the nuts down almost completely.
>  He has seen leaks and damage resulting from the
> assembly being too loose.  I do not have very long
> term usage yet (~1 yr), but so far so good.  I did not
> overtighten the nuts, but did go beyond the torque
> setting recommended in the limited instructions.  It
> seemed like the carb was flapping in the breeze too
> much at the low torque.
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