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Re: Contemplations for a weekend (spridget related)

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Subject: Re: Contemplations for a weekend (spridget related)
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 13:12:27 -0600
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The JCNA concours are notorious for political judging.  The points have
become absolutely meaningless, particularly in certain clubs.  The Austin
chapter, for example, hands out 100 point awards like candy.  I've seen
some of the cars and I wouldn't have given them 90 points, much less 100.
 Classic Jaguar, a well-known Jag restorer from Austin, agrees.  I
recently saw an XKE that supposedly was judged a 99.89 car at a JCNA
concours, but it was painted the wrong shade of red!!  I saw several cars
at the Houston JCNA get 100 point awards, as well, but it seemed the
majority of them were from Austin (hmm).  A good friend of mine refuses
to submit his gorgeous XK120 for judging anymore because it is so
rediculous.  I'm surprised that most of these concours meets haven't
already collapsed from the weight of the infighting and politicking that
goes on.

All our MG shows are people's choice (voting).  Sure, that means that the
shiniest car with a lot of chrome wins, but who cares?  You surely don't
have an owner yelling at the hundred people that attended the show for
not judging his car right.  My racecar Midget beat out a pretty original
Midget at a show last year just because people thought it was cool.

Hey, get pleasure from your cars anyway you like.  But for me, collecting
trophies isn't nearly as fun as driving the things....

David Littlefield
1962 MGA MkII
1974 MG Midget vintage racecar
1951 MGTD
1961 Jaguar E-Type OTS

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002 13:47:05 -0500 "Michael Lupynec"
<mlupynec@globalserve.net> writes:
> Jay, BTDT - The worst example was in a Jag 1993 JCNA sanctioned
> concours, 

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