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Re: LBCs and Lonely Hearts

Subject: Re: LBCs and Lonely Hearts
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 14:40:47 -0500
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In all honesty, ladies of the list, Kate, Annice, Trish, BreeAnn, are
you the main mechanic of your cars, or is the S.O. 

I was the ONLY mechanic on my TD, and did most of my own work on the
Midget until I met Gary and got old and lazy. I did the current engine
myself, with advice from a retired factory trained BMC mechanic. I have
about 4000 miles on it, and it still neither leaks nor burns oil. Gary
does some wrenching on her now, but a good friend is what I would call
her main "technician" should she need major work. My main difficulty in
wrenching myself is the fact that I am all stove up from too many bus
wrecks. Gary & I drove her up to Portland (150 miles) last September,
and he seemed to enjoy the trip, so this year I hope to be able to enter
her in the ABFM and camp on the field. 

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