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Re: (WAS) Help needed now - Brake light switch-NOW fuel lines

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Subject: Re: (WAS) Help needed now - Brake light switch-NOW fuel lines
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 18:06:50 -0600
Hi guys
The talk about the fuel line repair reminds me of a question I've been meaning
to ask. Entails the "way" past history of my Mk2 and also the "get it running"
episode back in November.
When I first started stripping down the car, I couldn't get the fitting to
remove from the tank, ended up cutting the line off close to the car. When it
came time to remove the chewed up fitting, it took a torch and a drill and
easy out. (fuel had long turned to varnishy-smelling crap, wasn't worried
about it lighting off, and swished it out with solvent first, so no preaching
about the possibility of blowing up the tank please!
So when I got it out, I noticed I did just slightly nick the tube which turns
downward so it sucks fuel off the bottom of the tank, the one held in place by
the sheetmetal bracket. Not bad really. I got the "olive" and fitting from one
of the usual suspects (this is before I really knew PPP and all the help he
could offer, was still dealing with just the major suspects). Fast forward a
bit, tank is installed and I'm getting close to running the engine. Went and
bought a new 5 gallon gas can, as all my lawn equipment is 2 stroke, so for a
few bucks got a nice new 5 gallon container, filled it up, and put in I
believe half of the jug. Was some considerable leakage at the rubber adapter
hose inside the trunk, I've since replaced it. On the day it started, I drove
it maybe oh 3 miles max I'd say, maybe more, up and down the street. Next day
it wouldn't start, and a quick check showed no fuel being delivered. Put in
the rest of the gas and started fine then, after it got fuel up in to the
bowls. So dear readers, here is the question:
Tank holds, according to the manual 7.2 US Gallons. Did I really just "run
out" of gas after just a few miles? 2.5 into a 7.2 tank, with some leaking out
in the trunk, and the lines and bowls were completely dry. I imagine a certain
amount won't be reached by the pickup line in the bottom of the tank. OR did I
screw up the pickup line by my drilling and easy-outing and now the fuel level
has to be up to the level of the external line to be picked up?
Thanks for reading this whole story, hope Peter didn't glaze over on me.

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