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Re: (WAS) Help needed now - Brake light switch-NOW fuel lines

To: "Biff Jones" <biffjones@erols.com>, <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: (WAS) Help needed now - Brake light switch-NOW fuel lines
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 19:15:07 -0600
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The original problem was disconnecting the fuel line from the tank. I ended
up cutting the line with a hacksaw. The "real" damage (although slight) was
done by finally removing that "nut" on the front of the tank, as I had to
drill into it to use an easyout and a torch. I just nicked the tube inside
the tank that the brass piece butts up against. The catalogs all call it an
"olive", I'd call it a compression fitting. I drilled just a little far and
caught the "flare" part. Not alot.
Now, originally I just put in 1/2 of that 5 gallon can, so 2.5 gallons.
Remember the lines were all empty, as well as the carb bowls, and some gas
spilled due to the rotten hose at the top of the tank, inside the trunk and
onto the ground (1/2 pint I'd guess, pretty messy). So am asking, maybe this
is a non-problem, maybe I did just simply run out, as I'm sure there must be
a certain amount that on a normal car is unreachable anyways? Another pint
or so, maybe even more? Alan F suggests, since I'm still in the "testing"
stages, of being prepared for this to happen and when it does take the drain
plug out of the tank and determine what is left in the tank, I guess that
idea has some merit......
PS no I haven't noticed any fuel leak at the line back there, I did have
that leak inside the trunk, just when pouring in fuel. Fixed that now with a
new hose.
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Subject: Re: (WAS) Help needed now - Brake light switch-NOW fuel lines

> Dan,
> While I don't completely follow your descriptions, does where the fuel
> goes into the tank leak?  The fitting on the back of the tank has to seal
> completely or it will draw air and yes you can have 2+ gallons of gas and
> run out in it isn't totally sealed.  Try putting teflon tape on the
> Basicly it operates a as a compression fitting forcing the "olive" into
> end of the short tbe that goes to the screen in the bottom of the tank. I
> jury rigged my fuel line once and had the same problem, i.e., ran great on
> full tank ran out of gas with a half a tank.
> Biff

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