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Re: FROG AYE progress report. Longish. Real Spridget content

To: Hal Faulkner <hal@katemuir.com>
Subject: Re: FROG AYE progress report. Longish. Real Spridget content
From: Jim Rogers <jarplanner@cox.net>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 19:59:18 -0800
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When you send your shocks & stuff to Peter C. ask him for the SKF wheel bearings. I replaced my Mo$$ quality bearings (fell apart in my hands) last month with the SKF bearings supplied by Peter - major difference in quality! Cost was about the same. Thanks, Peter!

Keep looking on Ebay for the drilled A-arms. I bought a good used pair (cleaned, powder coated) last year for about $75.

Jim Rogers
San Juan Capistrano, CA
60 Bugeye

Hal Faulkner wrote:

Need to send the calipers and shocks to PPP for rebuilding.  Spend more money on wheel bearings.  Well
I'm going to have it apart, I might as well....   I have Noltec bushings,
stainless brake hoses, etc.  I have an anti-sway bar (cost more on eBay than
it is worth....,) but my A-arms aren't drilled or reinforced.  New A-arms
cost about $150 each but I am loathe to drill my original ones.  Anybody got
any solutions?

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