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no snow here

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Subject: no snow here
From: "Hutmacher, Greg" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 18:52:54 -0500
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I couldn't help but write this.  I've read several posts to the list about
people's Triumphs snowed in for the winter.  Sounds like a drag from where I
sit in Texas.  I drove my TR6 out to run a quick errand an hour ago. But, I
pay for it in the summer. That's the time of year when its hard for me to
enjoy my TR6.  When it gets to about 110 degrees, its miserable to drive the
six.  At least during the day.  Its not the car that gets too hot, it's the
driver. You have to put the top up for shade or you'll fry with heat stroke.
Those of you who were at the VTR convention in Fort Worth know what I'm
talking about. I would be willing to bet that I probably use the six more in
the cool season than I do in the summer.  Maybe  California is the place to
be...So I'll load up the six and move to Beverly....Hills that is, swimming
pools, movie stars...  Well, you get the idea. 
Greg in Texas (I think I'll go mow my lawn) :-)

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